Larry Ellison Launches Lana’i Documentary Film Festival

Lana’i Island is being given its own film festival, thanks to Larry Ellison, who owns a majority of the island. Last week, he announced the Lanai Documentary Film Festival (

Ellison said that attendees will be able to “watch a film that will speak to your heart and then be affected by a beautiful, natural setting that reminds us to care for people, wildlife, and the environment,” in a press release issued on April 1, 2014.

The announcement stated that the new film fest aspires to “ignite and lead conversations for worldwide change by empowering the individual.”

The announcement doesn’t say how the new film fest will benefit the people of Lana’i Island. Ellison said that the America’s Cup would benefit San Francisco, but it ended up putting the city at least $5.5 million in the hole. That’s not economic development. It’s economic erosion.

Ellison credits himself with efforts “to improve the island’s schools and develop economical green energy, clean water, and commercial agriculture.”

“We intend to cast the net wider than our fellow filmmakers by providing a platform for everyday people courageous enough to pick up a camera and share his or her story,” the news release quotes Los Angeles-based Audrey Cavenecia, the festival president, “because it will take all of us, as a united force, to change the course of history.”

It sounds like they’re borrowing a page from the One Day on Earth playbook.

I sincerely wish this effort all the success as long as it helps the people of Lana’i prosper.

Photo credit: LanaiDFF Facebook page. Mahalo to @JohnBrownHawaii for his tweet of a @HuffPostHawaii story.

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