Our Facebook Page has a new name: Hashtag Hawaii


Just a few minutes ago, Facebook changed the name of my page. It used to be called just “Hawaii,” but turns out you can’t name your page after a geographic location unless you’re an official entity. That I am not. I was just born and raised there.

The page has more than 4 million fans so I struggled with a new name. I didn’t want to call it “Hawaii Page.” Sometime soon, we’ll be using Facebook in virtual reality, so there might not be any Pages then.

I decided to call it Hashtag Hawaii. #hawaii represents one way that we connect social content about our interests. I hope to keep doing that with the Hashtag Hawaii page.

To commemorate the name change, I thought I’d share with you an interesting insight into the fans that support the page: where they live, the languages they speak, and their ages and genders. Click on the graphic below to see the top 10 locations and languages, and age and gender demographics.

I’d also love to hear what you think about the new name! Mahalo for your continued support!

Hashtag Hawaii

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