This Lady REALLY Wants to Go to Hawai’i


CBS San Francisco is reporting today that a woman was arrested Tuesday for trying to get on a flight to Hawai’i without a ticket. It’s the fourth time she’s tried to get on a plane to the Aloha State.

Sheriff’s deputies say Marilyn Jean Hartman was arrested for trespassing at the San Francisco International Airport Tuesday. It was her 4th arrest at the airport in just over a month.
Prosecutors say Hartman tried to board flights to Hawaii on February 15th, 18th and 20th. She had previously made it all the way onto a flight, without a ticket, before an arriving passenger came to claim the seat. Here other previous attempts failed at the screening checkpoint. On Tuesday Hartman was arrested while hanging out in the food court, outside the secure area.

Hartman claims to have cancer and wanted to go someplace warm.

Read the full story.

3 thoughts on “This Lady REALLY Wants to Go to Hawai’i

  1. How could that happen? I mean what about passport and ticket Control before boarding? That is really scary, so everybody could Board a plane so even Kidnapper etc.?

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