Two Japanee Bruddahs

“Two Japanee Bruddahs” was the name of a column by Kyle Tatsumoto and Keith Kamisugi that appeared in the Nichi Bei Times from June 9, 2001, through August 2009.

Over the eight years writing for “Two Japanee Bruddahs,” we were fortunate to have our columns clipped and posted in restaurants in Honolulu, mentioned on and even mentioned as a source on Wikipedia.

The column ended when the Nichi Bei Times, an award-winning Japanese-English daily newspaper serving the San Francisco Bay Area, folded after 63 years in September 2009.

But Kenji Taguma, the last editor of the Nichi Bei Times, led his staff and contributing writers, media professionals and community leaders in establishing the Nichi Bei Foundation, an educational and charitable nonprofit organization that would publish a new Japanese American community newspaper.

Just one week after the last edition of the Nichi Bei Times rolled off the presses, the very first edition of the Nichi Bei Weekly was published as the first ethnic nonprofit newspaper of its kind in the country.

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