Aloha `Oe to Susan Haramoto

Susan Haramoto is going home today.

A key part of the success of Dave Kozuki’s Global Pau Hana, Susan is leaving her position at the Japanese Cultural and Community Center and returning to Honolulu to work full-time for Kozuki’s People Bridge social network company.

Susan also played an important role for the Hawai’i Chamber of Commerce, serving on its board and driving the organization’s membership recruitment and retention.

Before JCCCNC, Susan was a program manager with Silicon Valley Bank, which she joined in 1999 first as Assistant to the Chairman, then as Alliance Manager for eSource. Prior to moving to the Bay Area, Susan was Membership Director of the Hawaii Hotel Association, a statewide trade organization , responsible for all aspects of membership development. Susan grew up in Kaneohe and was graduated from Castle High School.

Aloha ‘oe, Susan. Mahalo for everything you’ve done for the kama’aina expat community in the Bay Area. We’ll miss you!

(And see you at Oceans, eh?)


Were you in ASUH at UH-Manoa? Or know of anyone who was? I’m organizing a reunion of student body presidents, officers and senators this year in conjunction with the UH Centennial. visit for more information.

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